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Liquid soap dispensers are increasingly replacing traditional soap dishes. When choosing a particular model, it is worth betting on quality, which will ensure long and comfortable use of the dispenser, as well as on an attractive design that matches the style of the bathroom. Both the material of the soap dispenser and its installation method are important. free-standing The second consideration is the type of dispenser. The second consideration is the choice of dispenser type. Traditional (with a pump) or automatic? And the colour? Silver, white or maybe black?

A soap dispenser is part of a larger whole, which is the arrangement of the bathroom. The ones available in FormAdore usually belong to a collection - by deciding on one of them, we can easily achieve harmony in the bathroom interior. Our soap dispensers can also be used to apply shampoo, shower gel or even washing-up liquid.

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NewAurora Soap dispenser

£ 19.91

Aurora Soap dispenser

NewInoa Soap dispenser 14 cm

£ 30.56

Inoa Soap dispenser 14 cm

Tube Soap dispenser chrome

£ 139.57

Tube Soap dispenser chrome

Decor Walther
Tube Soap dispenser chrome wall mounted

£ 205.41

Tube Soap dispenser chrome wall mounted

Decor Walther
NewEdga Soap dispenser black

£ 24.05

Edga Soap dispenser black

House Doctor
NewEasystore Luxe Soap dispenser steel

£ 27.40

Easystore Luxe Soap dispenser steel

Joseph Joseph
Eva Solo Soap or lotion dispenser

£ 60.72

Eva Solo Soap or lotion dispenser

Eva Solo(14)
Birillo Soap dispenser white

£ 37.85

Birillo Soap dispenser white

Birillo Soap dispenser small white

£ 33.91

Birillo Soap dispenser small white

Splash Soap dispenser

£ 22.28

Splash Soap dispenser

Zone Denmark
Tower Soap and liquid dispenser white

£ 25.43

Tower Soap and liquid dispenser white

Magazyn FF

Wall-mounted or free-standing?

Saving space

If you have limited space on your bathroom countertop or in the shower, a better solution is a wall-mounted dispenser. These types of dispensers tend to have a streamlined, minimalist look, and thanks to being made from the classic material stainless steel, they fit in with both traditional and modern interiors. They will allow you to save space in your bathroom, and being made of the highest quality materials will ensure long, trouble-free use.

Freedom of movement

Free-standing dispensers are ideal if you have a little more space at the edge of the washbasin or bathroom countertop, or if you appreciate the freedom to move the item around as required. Among the free-standing dispensers you will find models made of plastic, in many colours, with additional elements such as a container for soap or cotton wools or a cup for toothbrushes. We also offer soap dispensers that children will enjoy using and classic metal options that will satisfy any minimalist.

Pump or automatic?

A universal choice

A pump soap dispenser is a universal choice for the bathroom or kitchen. What is important, in the dispensers offered in our shop, you will find - apart from the traditional ones - also such models in which the pump mechanism is hidden in the housing. This is an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. If you are concerned about the environment, choose a dispenser with a soap-foaming pump, which allows you to use up to 75% less liquid.

A modern and hygienic solution

Touchless soap dispensers is an ultra-modern and extremely hygienic solution that allows you to dispense soap, shampoo or shower gel without touching the dispenser. The built-in movement sensor (photocell) will ensure that the exact amount of cosmetic product is dispensed directly from the hand. The touch-free design means greater hygiene and the automatic dispensing of the liquid is convenient to use.

Large or small?

Standard dispenser capacity is 250-300 ml

The standard capacity of a soap dispenser is 250 or 300 ml - sufficient if a small family uses the container. However, if your family is larger, you often have guests or you are looking for an elegant soap dispenser for the office, then it is better to choose something with a capacity of 300 ml and above. A large container will also work better for shower gel, shampoo or dishwashing liquid. In addition to the capacity, it is also worth checking that the dispenser has a non-slip base, a well-shaped spout, transparent parts to check the liquid level and a wide opening for easy filling.

Metal or plastic?

Steel matches modern interiors

Stainless steel or brushed steel dispensers are especially suitable for modern bathrooms in a minimalist or loft style. Thanks to their execution in noble metal, they are easy to keep clean, and the delicate shine or sophisticated matt finish adds to their elegance. Equally stylish are the very popular black soap dispensers are also very popular.

A plastic dispenser is a versatile solution

Depending on their shape or colour, plastic dispensers suit both modern and traditional interiors. Colourful, user-friendly, sometimes in surprising shapes, they will be an accent that will warm up any bathroom. The soap dispensers you will find at FormAdore are made of high-quality plastic that is shatterproof and safe for your health.

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