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Drinking beer "in the open air" (only in an authorised place, of course!) has its charms, but tasting it professionally is just as much fun. In order to uninterruptedly enjoy the depth of taste of this golden drink, it is worth stocking up on special beer accessories. These gadgets will come in handy at picnics, barbecues and house parties. They are also perfect as gifts for beer lovers.

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Rapid Ice Beer bottle cover

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Rapid Ice Beer bottle cover

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Botelo Bottle stopper

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Botelo Bottle stoppers 2 pcs

Vacu Vin Beer razor

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Vacu Vin Beer razor

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A few words about the golden drink...

Beer is our favourite type of alcohol. It is the main "entertainer" during open-air meetings with friends, family feasts at the barbecue or watching football matches. When drinking beer, it is important not only what kind of alcohol is consumed but also how the beverage is served.

Beer drinking accessories

The most important beer accessories that every beer lover should have at home are, of course, tankards. Mugs can also bring out and emphasise the flavour of a particular type of beer, and there is no shortage of these. The most popular are beer mugs, which are distinguished by their robustness, durability, and have a large handle that makes them comfortable to hold in the hand. They are usually made of high-quality thick glass and are most often found in bars in this version. There is also no shortage of tankards made from other materials. Ceramic and even wooden beer mugs are also available. An interesting alternative, especially for those who dream of keeping their beverage constantly chilled, are thermal beer mugs. They use vacuum insulation, thanks to which the low temperature is maintained even for several hours.

In addition to tankards, there are also beer glasses. These accessories resemble the shape of a tulip and are made up of a folded top, a bulbous bowl and a leg. Thanks to them, beer can be served in an extremely aesthetic manner, the colour of the beverage is emphasised and the head is retained inside the vessel. Similar to these are beer glasses known as pokals. These, however, are more slender and subtle. There are many more types of such glasses, the choice of which depends on the specific type of beer, but also on individual preferences. Among the beer accessories of this type, there are still Weizen, Snifter, Goblet, Stange, French Jelly Glass, Pinta and Teku glasses.

Accessories for serving alcohol

Not only is it important what you drink the alcohol in, but also what the serving method will be. In addition to choosing glasses and mugs that are matched to the type of beer, care should be taken to serve the liquor. Of course, this can be done with trays of course, trays on which you can place several bottles or glasses, but not only. Also important are coasters to ensure that the table tops, tables and benches on which the drinks will be placed do not get wet. Bottle and glass coasters do not only have a practical function; many of them look so original that they can be used as decorative elements. Bottle marker stoppers look just as good. Apart from the fact that each guest will know which beer is theirs, the bottles will gain in appearance and the beverage will stay fresh longer. Such stoppers are usually made of silicone, which is non-reactive to food, and the parts made of it can be washed in the dishwasher. When serving beer, it is worth adding designer bottle openers which can now be purchased in a variety of original shapes.

Beer cases

It is important to have gadgets for the beer drinker in which to store their favourite beverage. It is not enough to know at what temperature this alcohol needs to be stored, the method of "storage" itself is also important. Beer crates with space for several bottles are popular. Thanks to the appropriate protection inside, the bottles do not come into contact with each other, which minimises the risk of breakage. In addition, such crates are convenient to carry; designer models have special handles cut out for holding the container comfortably. However, it doesn't stop there. Some are even equipped with a bottle opener. Such beer gadgets find wider application. They are popular at outdoor events, not only for the safe transport of alcohol, but also because they can be used, for example, as a stool or table; we are of course talking about cases made of robust material, such as steel.

Beer gadgets for cooling alcohol

Among the gadgets for the beer drinker, there are accessories to keep the beer chilled for longer. In addition to the aforementioned thermal mug, birophiles can opt for other amenities. There are special beer coolers available that attach to the bottle. Inside the flexible 'wrapper' is an insulating foam which can keep the alcohol at a low temperature for several hours. Of course, this cooler needs to be properly prepared by putting it in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand.

Beer can also be cooled by putting it in an ice bucket. These are usually made of metal and stainless steel. All you have to do is fill them with ice cubes and submerge the beer bottles in them. Such ice buckets are a great idea for a giftfor a birophile.

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