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What is the best air purifier? It depends on what exactly you're looking for. At FormAdore, the most popular air purifier is the gracefully named Roger by Stadler Form. It is equipped with a multitude of functionalities, among which are the automatic adjustment of the device's operation to the level of pollution in the air and the double filter - the pre-filter catches the largest particles of pollution, thus optimising the operation of the second filter, adapted to catch even the finest pollen, dust mites, viruses and bacteria.

But it is not only Roger that deserves attention. The Viktor air purifier is additionally equipped with an aromatiser, which will appeal to those who are particularly sensitive to odours. The LifeAir Signature unit, on the other hand, is an air purifier with an ioniser - extremely quiet, extremely effective.

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An air purifier is an electrical appliance with a special filtering system that allows you to improve the air quality in your home or office. Which air purifier should you choose in order to effectively combat harmful pollutants and allergens?

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers for the home are devices designed to remove pollutants such as smog, cigarette smoke, dust particles or microorganisms from the air, thereby improving the air quality in the home. The air purifier for the home sucks in the air, then filters it and, depending on the model, sometimes also ionises it, before releasing it into the room. The principle of air purifiers is very simple, yet highly effective. It should be noted, however, that which pollutants are removed by the air purifier depends on which filtering elements it contains. Most often, air purifiers are equipped with a fan and several types of purification filters. In addition, in order for the air purifier to perform its function properly, it must be positioned in a place where there is a free flow of air.

Air purifier - which one to choose?

In FormAdore, you will find air purifiers that only purify the air, as well as models that combine the air ionisation or humidification function. Which air purifier should you choose?

  • Air purifiers with ioniser

Air purifiers with an ionisation function make negative ions in the air, which trap particles of pollutants and then destroy them. Ionisation air purifiers make air filtration more effective and the properly ionised air is clean, contains less pollutants, dust and microorganisms, which has a positive effect on our health. It is also worth mentioning that an air purifier with an ionisation option is the best air purifier for allergy sufferers.

  • Air purifiers with humidifier

An air purifier with a humidifier is a device which combines the function of purification, i.e. removal of various impurities from the air, and humidification, i.e. increasing the level of air humidity to an optimum level. Thanks to this solution, we can take care of the air quality in a holistic way, without having to buy two separate devices.

In addition, air purifiers are usually also equipped with additional functions, such as automatic cleaning, air quality indicator, dust indicator or timer.

Take a look at FA Magazine: Which air purifier to choose? 5 tips, in which we suggest what to look for when choosing an air purifier.

What features should the best air purifier have?

When deciding which air purifier to buy, the first thing to look out for is the type of filters used. A good air purifier should have a HEPA filter, which removes the smallest and also the most dangerous pollutants. More often than not, the HEPA filter is accompanied by a carbon filter responsible for eliminating unpleasant odours, but also gases and volatile organic compounds.

The best air purifier must be efficient. The higher the efficiency and the faster the air flow, the more efficiently the device will clean the air of pollutants.

In addition, the air purifier should not be too noisy. It usually runs for several hours a day, so it is indicated that the noise level emitted should be no more than 35 dB.

The air purifier for a flat should also be aesthetically pleasing and stylish because, in order to perform its function well, it usually has to stand in a visible place in the interior. In FormAdore, however, there is no shortage of air purifiers whose design can easily be incorporated into the arrangement of the room.

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Ensure that the air in your home is clean and fresh, and thus the safety and health of the occupants, and decide today to buy a functional appliance such as a home air purifier.

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