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The little one is beautiful - this saying fits perfectly with decorative cushions. The smallest ones, so called pillows, look best in a group, thrown carelessly on a sofa or bed. Slightly larger decorative pillows can be used as a separate decoration of a living room, especially if they are decorated with eye-catching embroidery or pattern. You will also find here decorative pillowcases and . pillowcases - Such a solution will allow you to change your interior design at will, without the need to replace the whole set of cushions.

Here you will find not only decorative pillows for the living room, but also garden pillows, for benches and garden chairs. We also have comfortable, soft and stylish Chair cushions. And if you're just decorating a room for your yearling, be sure to look in the category baby cushions.

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Art Déco Bloomingville Pillow

£ 41.71

Art Déco Bloomingville Pillow

Bloomingville Pillow yellow tasseled

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Bloomingville Pillow yellow tasseled

2 pcs.Bloomingville cushion rustic 2 pcs.

£ 138.54

Bloomingville cushion rustic 2 pcs.


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Decorative pillows and pillows

You're looking for a way to decorate and bring the space to life? Decorative pillows and pillowcases come with help. Made of high quality materials, available in many different colours, uniform or patterned decorative pillows and cushions will add character, warmth and cosiness to any interior.

Decorative pillows - will decorate any interior

A cave cushion or maybe a roller cushion? You'll find everything you need at FormAdore! With the right choice of decorative cushions you can make a complete difference. It's perfect for the living room - for an armchair or a sofa, but not only. You can also decorate your hallway, dining room or bed in the bedroom with decorative cushions. Offered decorative cushions are available in different sizes, patterns and colours, so you can easily match the cushion to your interior design. Cushion 40x40 and . cushion 50x50 These are the most frequently chosen models, but you will also find rectangular or round decorative pillows for your living room. We offer cushions that are smooth and subdued in colour, as well as patterned, and in lively, energetic colours. The range includes modern decorative cushions, perfect for rooms decorated in Scandinavian, industrial or loft style, as well as cushions that perfectly complement the interior in classic, rustic or glamour style.

Decorative pillowcase - a quick way to change your decoration

Decorative pillows are not the only way to quickly change the interior design. Decorative pillowcases also come with help. Decorative pill owcases are an ideal solution for those who love constant changes in the decor of their rooms. You can change pillowcases for decorative cushions at will, each time giving your interior a completely new look. Rectangular or square 40x40 decorative pillowcases, covers for embroidered and tasseled pillows, colourful, patterned and uniformly smooth - we have prepared for you a wide range of pillowcases, through which you can introduce a bit of colours, patterns or textures into your room. Remember to buy high quality coverings contribution guaranteeing durability, but also comfort. After all, a decorative pillowcase with filling often serves as a support for the head or spine during an afternoon nap.

Garden cushions - irreplaceable in the garden

Soft garden pillows will guarantee you a comfortable and comfortable rest under a cloud. Equipping garden furniture with decorative pillows is a great way to refresh and make it more attractive. The cushions for garden chairs available in FormAdore are made from high quality waterproof and often stain resistant materials that are easy to clean, resistant to mechanical damage and protected against UV radiation causing them to fade. Functional cushions for garden chairs come in a variety of colors, and most of them after the summer season, will work perfectly at home as chair cushions. A decorative garden cushion is a great way to add variety to new furniture as well as to restore the appearance of slightly worn out and damaged garden seats.

Pillows for children to decorate, play and fall asleep

Soft and pleasant to the touch, decorative pillows will become an interesting decorative element of every child's room, giving it cosiness and warmth. The decorative and colourful couch cushions or the children's bed are not only a delight for the eye, but also a