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Cookbooks are for some a staple of cooking. A cookbook holder, on the other hand, is the basis for keeping a cookbook clean and 'usable' for much longer than the amount of time it takes to prepare a dish based on just one recipe. Cookbook holders also make it convenient and quick to read recipes while cooking, as they prevent the pages from turning. Besides, they are accessories that are as convenient as they are elegant. They protect precious recipes from splashing, but also add colour to the kitchen, blending in with the character of the interior and becoming a remarkable tabletop decoration. One thing is certain: every cooking woman and man (and they are said to be exceptionally fond of all kinds of kitchen gadgets) will certainly welcome such a holder on their kitchen worktop. The cookbook holder can additionally reflect the proposed cuisine of the household, depending on whether it is mild, spicy, elegant, fusion-style or traditional....

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