Decorative panels

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The decorative panels available from FormAdore are those by Koziol from the Spheres collection. The German company offers its customers square plastic tiles and hooks that allow them to be combined in groups. Each tile has four holes for hooks located in its corners. This makes it possible to create hanging structures from tiles of different colours and designs. Decorative panel structures are a very versatile product. The openwork tile structures are perfect as a substitute for curtains or as a type of wall decoration. The decorative panels from Koziol, however, have been created with a different task in mind, namely the modelling of spaces. Hanging groups of tiles can be used as surfaces to divide individual areas in rooms. Used in this way, they create a special aura, transforming large spaces into cosy places, as well as being striking and providing a sense of intimacy. This use of decorative panels opens up gigantic possibilities - spaces with different functions can now be separated in a very fine way. Separating the living room, kitchen and dining room, hallway and wardrobe or toilet and sink in the bathroom, as you can see, does not have to involve buying fancy furniture or erecting structures made of building materials. Highly recommended!

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