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Crisp and light leafy greens are the perfect accompaniment to traditional dishes and an essential base for meatless dishes. How do you ensure that the 'greens' on your table look appetising and taste great? Stock your kitchen with a decent salad drier. The name is a bit misleading, because you can dry not only lettuce leaves, but also rocket, lamb's lettuce, spinach, parsley and even herbs.

A salad drier may seem like an inconspicuous kitchen accessory, but it really can make life easier. No more wet salads in bowls with water collecting at the bottom. In seconds you can spin the moisture out of any type of leaf and make them light, crisp and appetising. And, of course, clean and safe for your health :)

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"Greens" for a salad, on sandwiches, in pesto or perhaps a smoothie? Are you also, like us, unable to resist it in any of these forms? If so, your kitchen must not be missing a gadget such as a lettuce drier. We have collected the best models on the market in FormAdore - check it out and choose the product that best meets your needs.

Lettuce drier - a convenient accessory for your kitchen

As you know, 'greens' need to be thoroughly washed and then dried before consumption. Wet leaves not only do not look appetising and cause water to collect at the bottom of the dish in which they are served, but they also lose their crispness and lightness. The problem for many people is that drying requires extra time, which is often simply not enough when preparing food. That is why FormAdore comes to the aid of all lovers of lettuce, arugula, parsley and many other healthy offerings from mother nature with its lettuce dryers! Thanks to their action, they very quickly extract the moisture from the leaves, which a moment later are not only clean, but ready to serve! They retain their fresh, natural appearance, so they can be successfully displayed in salads served in transparent bowls or prepared in jars to take away. Special holes in the appliances allow you to easily get rid of the water accumulated during the salad spinning - so you don't have to worry about the method of disposal.

Looking for inspiration for delicious and nutritious salads using seasonal fruit and vegetables? Take a look at our Delicious salads for summer - 5 healthy recipes to see our suggestions. Or are you interested in salads to take to work or on a trip out of town? If so, read the magazine Spring Salad in a Jar - 5 recipes - you are sure to find something you like in it.

What should I consider when choosing a salad drier?

When choosing a salad drier, pay attention to the material of the bowl. You can opt for a plastic product, but you will also find bowls made of steel. If you want a large product, choose a model with a larger capacity and diameter. For domestic use, especially in a small kitchen, a bowl with a capacity of 3 litres and a diameter of about 25 cm should be sufficient for you. In FormAdore you will find salad bowls equipped with baskets with an aesthetic design, so that you can additionally use them, for example as colander to wash vegetables and fruit under running water. On the other hand, the effective looking bowls of the spinners will serve as salad bowls, decorating the dining table during lunch or dinner.

Lettuce drier - makes storing "greens" easier

If you equip your salad drier with a lid, then you have an additional advantage when it comes to storing food in a safe and hygienic way. Washed vegetables can be sealed in the bowl, stored in the fridge and consumed later.

Sturdy salad driers with a remarkable design and a simple operating mechanism - you will find them in FormAdore!

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