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Too dry? Too cold? Or maybe the smell, to put it mildly, not the right one? Design not only cares about beautiful accessories, but also about making us feel good physically in our interiors. In winter, due to the strong heating, we often struggle with too dry air in the rooms where we sleep.

This is where modern air humidifiers come to the rescue, which are not only characterised by the use of modern technology (ultrasonic humidifiers), but also in a beautiful, minimalist design, which can be used in any modern interior. Our product range includes, of course, the most popular evaporative humidifiers, but that is not all. Among the products available in this category, there are also aromasisers and humidifiers with oils, which will also take care of the pleasant fragrances in the rooms of our homes.

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Dry air in the home has an adverse effect on our health and well-being. It is indicated that air humidity at home or in the office should oscillate between 40-60%. The level of humidity at home can be easily measured with a device such as a hygrometer. However, the optimum humidity in the flat can be maintained by a functional device, such as an air humidifier. Which air humidifier should I choose?

Air humidifier - which one to choose?

The most effective way to maintain the right level of humidity in the home is to use an air humidifier that produces water vapour and thus humidifies the room. The air humidifiers available at FormAdore differ in their principle of operation. Find out about all their types and how to humidify the air in your room.

  • Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers are equipped with a heater that heats the water so that steam comes out of the device. The undoubted advantage of these devices is their simple design and low price. Thanks to the high temperature needed to generate steam, we can be sure that any bacteria accumulating in the water tank are destroyed. Thanks to this, steam humidifiers are highly hygienic. Furthermore, no additional components, such as filters, are required for their proper operation, which translates into lower running costs.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic waves to break up water molecules, resulting in the production of a humidifying mist of steam. They have the advantage of low power consumption, high efficiency and quiet operation, although it should be noted that ultrasound can be heard by animals and may cause them distress or irritation.

  • Evaporative humidifiers

Evaporative humidifiers consist of a water tank, a humidifying cartridge and a fan. This type of device sucks in air, then passes it through an evaporation mat, as a result of which it emits a fine humidifying mist. The evaporation phenomenon is considered the most natural method of humidifying the air. Evaporative humidifiers are efficient, hygienic and consume little electricity.

Aroma humidifiers are devices with which we can enjoy not only humidified, but also beautifully scented air, all thanks to the essential oils that can be added to this type of humidifier.

In our range, you will also find devices that combine the function of air purification and humidification.Air pur ifiers with a humidifier not only filter the air, but also ensure the correct level of humidity.

A humidifier is the most effective, but not the only, way to maintain the correct humidity level in the home. For more ways to humidify the air, see FA Magazine: Dry air in the home? We suggest how to humidify it

What is the best humidifier?

A good humidifier should be efficient yet quiet, safe to use, resistant to contamination and easy to operate. It is also worth paying attention to the design of the device, which has to be placed in a prominent position in the interior in order to perform its function well. In FormAdore you will find a wide range of air humidifiers that are not only characterised by high quality workmanship and great parameters, but also by an interesting, original design, thanks to which you can easily match the humidifier model to your interior décor.

And finally, we have one more piece of advice. Many people wonder what kind of water to choose for their humidifier to ensure that the device works properly. We are already in a hurry to answer this. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is best for ultrasonic humidifiers.Tap water can be used with evaporative and evaporative hum idifiers, but it is advisable to filter it first.

Which air purifier should I choose? How do you humidify the air in your home? The answers to these questions can be found in FA Magazine: Take a deep breath! Humidifiers and air purifiers for the home.

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