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If you make your bed, you sleep. And if you bed with FA, you'll sleep through the night! Our bed linen offer is not only the power of patterns and colours (we offer you 3D bedding, floral bedding, lively colours, but also black, white and grey), but also cotton of the highest quality - also available in satin.

If you are looking for bedding for a couple, take a look at the category of double bedding, where you will find all the most popular dimensions of bedding for two people, e.g. 200x220, 200x200 or 160x200. For singles, we have a category with single bedding with such dimensions as 140x220 or 150x200. Don't forget to include a matching pillowcase! Live beautifully and... get a great night's sleep!

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Ollie Bedding 200 x 200 cm

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Ollie Bedding 200 x 200 cm

Firefighter Bedding 135 x 200 cm

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Firefighter Bedding 135 x 200 cm

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Bed linen in FormAdore

You definitely rest better in elegant bedding made of high-quality materials. FormAdore offers a wide range of bed linen diversified in terms of material, size and design. Everyone is sure to find something special for themselves.

Cotton or maybe satin bedding? Which one should you choose?

The comfort of your sleep depends on the type of bed linen, that is why in FormAdore we offer bed linen made of high-quality cotton and cotton satin. Cotton is a natural material which is light and durable and at the same time characterised by high moisture absorption, which minimises the risk of sweating during sleep. Therefore, if you want a pleasant and tactile, yet durable set, then cotton bed linen 160x200 or in another size to suit your bed, e.g. bedding 150x200, is the ideal choice for you.

Satin bedding is a type of cotton bedding that differs from regular cotton in its weave. Satin cotton is woven from worsted yarn, so cotton satin bedding has a subtle sheen and is pleasant and soft to the touch, yet cool, making it perfect for summer.

Bedding 220x200, children's bedding 100x135... - find out the most popular bedding sizes

Single bedding 140x200? How about a 200x220 bedding set? What to choose? In FormAdore you will find bedding sets in various sizes. When choosing the size of the bedding set we should first of all be guided by practical considerations, as ill-fitting bed linen may reduce the quality of our sleep. A bedding set that is too small will prevent us from wrapping our body completely around it, whereas a bedding set that is too big will cause the bedding to curl up and interfere with our sleep. Bedding measurements are usually given in centimetres. The first value indicates the width of the bedding and the second the length.

The most popular bedding is 160x200, The most popular bedding is 160x200, which can be used as single as well as double bedding. The 160x200 bedding set is an excellent choice for a single bed as well as a small double bed, or a double sofa bed or sofa bed.

Bedding 135x200 is a good solution for a teenager's or single's room, while bedding 180x200, 200x200 and bedding 200x220 is the best choice for a couple . A particularly comfortable solution is bedding 200x200 bedding and bedding for couples in the size 200x220, which fits most double beds and is large enough to allow both partners to comfortably cover each other while sleeping.

If you are wondering which set to choose for your child. remember that bedding for a baby, as well as for pre-school children, should not be too big, as it can curl and roll during sleep and disturb the comfort of sleep. The most standard, and best for toddlers, is 100x135 bedding. On the other hand bedding for children 140x200 is a good choice for school-age children and teenagers.

Colourful dreams!

Choosing the right fabric and size of bedding is important, but don't forget about the design. After all, bed linen decorates the bed and often determines the character of the whole bedroom. That is why it is important to choose a bed linen set that matches the style of the bed and the design of the room .

We offer a wide selection of bed linen available in a wide range of colours and with interesting prints. Black bed linen will perfectly complement the design of a modern and minimalist bedroom or a glamour style bedroom , as will grey bed linen. grey bedding grey bedding, which is perfect for modern interiors inspired by Scandinavian style. On the other hand white bedding will bring a blissful atmosphere to your bedroom, making it homely, neat and cosy. If you want to give your bedroom an unusual, romantic atmosphere - opt for floral bedding! You can choose from sets decorated with large, expressive flowers, small flowers, and even those that deceptively resemble a field of flowers. There is a lot to choose from!

Also interesting are 3D beddingwhich the youngest in particular appreciate for its decoration and design. An attractive offer for children and young people has been prepared by the bedding manufacturer Snurk, offering sets presenting real-size prints, e.g. of an astronaut, princess or animals. Children's 3D bedding with an image of a panda bear, dinosaur or fairy tale character will certainly adorn many a child 's realm. The assortment also includes proposals for youth bedding among which the most popular is bedding with animals. A wide range of colourful bedding for boys and girls makes it possible to choose a set according to the décor of the child's room and the child's taste.

Finally, we have one more piece of advice! Don't forget to add pillowcases and sheets to the set of elegant bedding. We wish you beautiful dreams!

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