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"Guest sit under my leaf, and rest yourself". - Jan Kochanowski wrote centuries ago, and although several centuries have passed, we still think it's a good idea. If you have a garden, terrace or balcony, then appreciate your good fortune and create the perfect corner for yourself to relax in nature! In the FormAdore range you will find everything you need for this project: garden chairs and armchairs, as well as garden tables in wood, aluminium or plastic. To these basic garden furniture, you can choose further pieces: for example, a garden bench, a deck chair or a hammock.

Don't like lying in the sun? Get yourself a garden parasol! Do you want to feel at home in your garden? Check out our range of patio rugs. Whether you're looking for rattan, wooden or aluminium garden furniture, you're sure to find something to suit you!

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If you love to relax and unwind on the terrace or in the garden, it is essential to equip these places with comfortable garden chairs and armchairs, tables, garden loungers, benches and other necessary accessories for blissful lazing under a cloud. At FormAdore you will find everything you need for your garden.

Garden chairs and armchairs - to stretch out in comfort

During the summer season, we like to spend time outdoors - in gardens, on balconies and terraces, which become a place of rest and relaxation. However, for outdoor relaxation to be at all possible, you need to equip your summer living room with the right garden furniture. We can help with stylish, durable and long-lasting armchairs and garden chairs, surprising with their diversity. Choose from chairs and armchairs for the balcony and garden, but also footstools, corner sofas or comfortable patio pouffes. An interesting offer also includes inflatable armchairwhich, thanks to a clever mechanism, does not actually need to be inflated. Lounging on a garden chair or armchair will be even more pleasant if we buy the following for our furniture soft and decorative cushions for garden chairs made of high quality materials..

Modern garden furniture - stylish benches and sofas

When facing the choice of furniture for the garden, it is worth taking a closer look at garden benches, which you can successfully place both on the terrace and the balcony.
Available at FormAdore sofas and garden benches are made made of durable and weather-resistant materials, are easy to clean, and what is more delight with their timeless design, they provide unparalleled comfort of use and beautiful appearance. Take a look at the aesthetically pleasing wooden benches or the original bench in the shape of... a dog. Garden sofas and benches are comfortable places to relaxoutdoorsalonebut also with with family or friends, because they are able to accommodate more people while taking up less space. For even more comfortable seating, it is worth complement the garden benches with soft and comfortable garden cushions.

Garden tables - durable and long-lasting

On the balcony or terrace, besides chairs or a sofa, you cannot miss a table on which you can have a meal, place a cup of coffee or put down a book you are reading. In FormAdore you will find a wide selection of garden tables small and large, round and rectangular, which are made of different materials. Small in size, modern and economical in form metal garden tables are ideal for on the balcony. On the other hand large and stable wooden garden tableswhich are resistant to harsh weather conditions are the ideal choice for the garden. You will also find lightweight, durable and easy to clean plastic garden tables. You are sure to choose your dream product to suit your tastes and needs.

Garden loungers - comfortable and convenient

Do you love lounging in the sun? Or do you prefer to settle down in the shade under a tree to read your favourite book? Whichever option you choose, one thing is certain - you need a sturdy and comfortable lounger. you need a sturdy and comfortable deckchair! Among the available options, the following are very popular wooden garden deckchairs, which are stable and properly maintained, will last for many years. In addition, their design fits perfectly into a variety of garden sets, thus making the garden arrangement coherent and aesthetically pleasing. While presenting the offer of this type of furniture, it is also difficult not to mention original and ingenious Seletti deckchairs styled on an Italian chair from the post-war period. These models are sure to appeal to lovers of old-fashioned design who like to break conventions.

Aluminium garden furniture, wooden garden furniture, rattan garden furniture ...

The garden furniture available at FormAdore differs in terms of size, colour, style and also the material used. The following are very popular wooden garden furniture characterised by durability, strength and stability. A chair, a table or a deckchair are practical and aesthetically pleasing garden furniture, They need to be cared for properly. Only then will they serve us intact for many years. Furniture made of wood furniture made of wood requires regular care, impregnation and maintenance.

An interesting proposal is rattan garden furniture, delighting with their traditional design and openwork construction. Their advantage is that they are comfortable, pleasant to the touch and lightweight, which makes them easy to move from place to place. In addition, rattan furniture can be dyed in a variety of colours, so you will find not only beige rattan proposals, but also black or black and beige. Garden furniture made from the natural material rattan, will enhance the design of any balcony or terrace..

The FormAdore offer could not also lack aluminium garden furniturethat are sure to please supporters of modern, minimalist design. You can choose from white, black or even red and yellow aluminium garden furniture. Aluminium furniture is solidly constructed, durable and resistant to to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions. Just like rattan furniture they weigh very littlewhich makes them very easy to move. This ideal choice for the garden, terrace and balcony.

A hammock - a guarantee of blissful relaxation under a cloud

Sweet laziness in the garden? Only on a hammock! It guarantees blissful relaxation, the possibility of taking an afternoon nap or reading a book while surrounded by nature and birdsong. Sturdy, durable, and also eye-catching in their design and colours.hammocks are accessories which The hammock is a must-have accessory for your garden. If you dream of a hammock, but do not have the space to hang it in your garden - we have great news for you! In FormAdore you will find standing models with a special frame, thanks to which you can You can place the hammock anywhere in your garden. The garden hammock is sure to become everyone's favourite seat in the house.

Sturdy and stable garden parasols

Would you like to take a breather in the garden, but the scorching, strong sun doesn't allow you to? Then why not use sturdy and aesthetic garden parasols, which effectively protect from the sun's rays, providing respite from the heat and allowing you to and allowing you to fully enjoy the charms of summer days. In FormAdore you will find round and square umbrellas, made of wood as well as plastic, large and slightly smaller garden umbrellas, but also covers and stable bases to hold the umbrella in place. Place in your garden An elegant and functional garden parasol, The garden umbrella not only provides a pleasant shade and blocks the sun's rays, thus lowering the temperature, but also constitutes an an interesting, decorative and eye-catching element of the of the entire garden setting.

Patio rugs - trendy and stylish

Spring and summer are seasons conducive to spending time outdoors, so it is worth ensuring that the terrace looks as beautiful and stylish as the other rooms in the house. This is why one of the elements that should not be missing on your balcony is a carpet. Of course, it can't be an ordinary carpet like the one that adorns your living room or bedroom. A balcony carpet, just like garden furniture, should be made of of durable and robust materials that are resistant to moisture or the harsh rays of the sun. Available in FormAdore terrace carpets are not only characterised by high durability and resistance to changing weather conditions, in addition delight with their original design.. You are sure to find something perfect for yourself!

Decorate your terrace or balcony with the Form Factory to fully enjoy outdoor relaxation in the comfort of your garden.

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