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Normann Copenhagen
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The Form armchair is part of the Form collection proposed by the Normann Copenhagen brand and a dedicated modern Scandinavian style dining room . At the heart of this collection lies the idea of simplicity as the basic factor determining the universal, timeless and at the same time modern character of furniture from this line. The Form armchair consists of an oak or nut frame (depending on the model) and a plastic seat with which it connects using a unique joining system. This system gives the impression that the legs naturally grow out of the seat, and the whole gains an extremely unified form. Contoured seat with high edges provides a secure and comfortable support, while giving the design a soft, delicate, inviting shape . This project, like other furniture from the Form collection, is also an elegant and minimalist reflection of the designer's love - the famous Simon Legalda, two seemingly extremely different ideas - innovative production methods and traditional crafts. Presented here chair with a seat height of 44 cm will perfectly match the tables from the same collection. Plastic bases prevent drawing the floor.
Available versions:
  • Form Armchair black with oak frame, Form Armchair grey with oak frame, Form Armchair white with oak frame, Form Armchair blue with oak frame, Form Armchair green with oak frame, Form Armchair red with oak frame, Form Armchair white walnut frame, Form Armchair grey walnut frame, Form Armchair black walnut frame, Form Armchair blue walnut frame, Form Armchair green walnut frame, Form Armchair red walnut frame

Collection Normann Copenhagen Form
It is hard to imagine a more universal form! Normann Copenhagen's Form Collection was designed by Simon Legald according to the idea that simplicity is at the heart of every timeless project. Modern chairs, bar stools or Form tables impress with their simple form and practicality and will look great in any interior. You can adjust Form furniture to your preferences: they come in versions with steel or wooden legs, in different sizes and colours. Their timeless design, comfortable profiled seats and a wide range of models will make them a perfect match for your dining room or living room.


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Simon Legald


wood, plastic

Chair type

stationary chair

Seat type



48 cm (18.9 in)


52 cm (20.47 in)


3.90 kg (8.6 lb)


78 cm (30.71 in)





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